Quick Cheese Pairing: Chandoka, White Chocolate and Raspberries

cheese pairing

cheese pairing

Wisconsin continued its long-standing American Cheese Society (ACS) winning streak at the annual competition in Providence, Rhode Island this year capturing more awards than any other state for the eleventh consecutive year. The 2015 competition garnered 101 ribbons for America’s Dairyland, including two Best of Show awards. At the competition, we caught up with cheese expert Kirstin Jackson to find new flavor combinations for some of this year’s award-winning cheeses. This quick pairing features a cheese you may not have heard of before, but we assure you’ll want to get familiar with! The Standard Market Cave Aged Chandoka made by cheesemaker Katie Fuhrmann and the LaClare Team at LaClare Farms in Malone, Wisconsin won second place Overall Best of Show. Chandoka is made with a mix of cow milk and goat milk and has a mild, creamy, fruity cheese with rich, cheddary notes.


By: Kirstin Jackson, It’s Not You, It’s Brie

Sometimes finding perfect cheese pairings is a matter of expanding your flavor boundaries. Pouring red wine with a cheddar feels as natural as serving lager with a basket of fried cheese curds. But when you have a lively, aged cow and goat’s milk cheese like LaClare’s Chandoka, it can pay off to be a little adventurous. Chocolate, it turns out, can charm this American Cheese Society winner as easily as a Cabernet.

With its lightly tangy sweetness, Chandoka lends itself to the dessert life. And chocolate, with its varied cocoa levels and flavor profiles, is a highly versatile cheese partner. Though some cheeses prefer their cocoa level high, Chandoka likes a texture as milky and rich as itself- it melds instantly with white chocolate. Add a raspberry or two to highlight the tanginess of the cheese, and you’ve got your next surprisingly seductive, not overly sweet dessert- like cheesecake topped with fresh fruit or preserves (if it’s not raspberry season, spread a little dollop of jam over the duo).

I like equal parts cheese to chocolate, topped with a berry. Remember to pick a high-quality white chocolate. This is the ultimate no-bake dessert.


What you need:

  • LaClare Farms Standard Market Cave Aged Chandoka
  • Your favorite high-quality white chocolate
  • Fresh raspberries or raspberry jam

cheese pairing

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