DIY Autumn Cheese Board in 3 Steps

cheese board

cheese board

Autumn conjures up visions of apple orchards, piles of squash and pumpkins, even bigger piles of leaves and of course, gorgeous fall landscapes. But more than just the changing leaves are beautiful in fall – seasonal late-summer and fall produce are both gorgeous and tasty. Take advantage of all the colorful and delicious options this autumn by creating your own cheese board at home using seasonal fruits, crunchy nuts, jams and – of course – Wisconsin cheese.

DIY Autumn Cheese Board

Step 1: Start with Creamy & Nutty
For autumn, smooth and savory flavors are the perfect partner for the cooling temps and return of sweater weather. To start your board, first choose a baby Swiss, edam or smoked gouda to build off of. Add in mixed nuts like hazelnuts, pecans and pistachios for a contrast of creamy and crunchy.

Step 2: Add Crumbly & Bold
Late-summer produce and jams tend to pack lots of sweetness, and bolder cheese varieties are the best way to balance all the saccharine. Next, add a rich blue cheese or gorgonzola and pair with your ripe berries, persimmons, pears or apples. Include sweet jam, such as apricot or raspberry, to add even more complexity.

Step 3: Finish with Crunchy & Salty
To fill out the flavors on your cheeseboard, you’ll need a few salty elements. Use an aged parmesan, asiago or romano for their salty, piquant taste and provide crunchy crackers, crostini or even dried fruit chips to add the finishing touch.

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