Six Champagne & Cheese Pairings to Ring in 2016



A New Year’s Eve celebration calls for plenty of bubbly and festive bites. But what kind of food pairs best with Champagne? To find out, we turned to our Cheese Cupid pairing app to find a match. Turns out, Wisconsin brie, camembert, baby Swiss, Colby and gouda are all great potential suitors. With that in mind, we’ve selected six cheesy bites to help you ring in 2016 with plenty of flavor and style. Cheers!


Brie Crème Brûlée Crostini – Create a stunning, dessert-inspired hors d’oeuvre with fig preserves, and Wisconsin brie topped with sugar and popped under the broiler for a brûléed effect finished with honey and fresh rosemary.

Wisconsin Gouda Chutney Bites-006-b

Apple Chutney and Gouda Bites – A quick homemade apple chutney turns cheese and crackers into a sophisticated party-ready appetizer.


Crabby Pico de Gallo Bruschetta – These savory bites accentuate crabmeat with bell peppers for color and crunch, fresh herbs and a cheesy finish of Wisconsin baby Swiss, gorgonzola and provolone.


Brie Apple Crisps – A stylish appetizer doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply top apple crisps (or dehydrated apple slices) with Wisconsin brie and cherry preserves.


Torte Pick – These elegant picks redefine “cheesecake” with Wisconsin brie filled with a layer of gorgonzola, topped with a walnut and red grape.

sour cream and chive chips22

Sour Cream & Chive Potato Chips with Wisconsin Colby – Whether you’re hosting kids, adults or both, everyone will love these homemade potato chips paired with Wisconsin Colby.

For more cheese & Champagne-inspired pairings, download the Cheese Cupid app for iPhone and Android.