Six Cheese Goals for 2016

Wisconsin cheese starts with Wisconsin dairy

We love cheese. According to the USDA, the average American eats 34 pounds of cheese a year. Here are six things to look for when buying cheese in the New Year. Consider them your #cheesegoals for 2016.

Wisconsin cheese starts with Wisconsin dairy

These days we like to know where our food comes, how it was made, by whom, and if sustainable practices were used to do so. In Wisconsin, more than 2.5 billion pounds of cheese are made each year using only locally sourced milk from Wisconsin dairy cows. Look to the label for information about where the cheese comes from (such as the Wisconsin Cheese logo and Master’s Mark®) and how it was made.

Wisconsin cheese if full of bold flavors

Bold Flavors
Expect to find more bold uniquely flavored cheeses on your next cheese plate. Look for cheeses with hints of jalapeño, herbs, garlic and even berry.

Wisconsin cheddar is for snacking

Snack Sophistication
The busier our schedules get, the more we look for snacks we can easily grab and go.  Stay satisfied with new flavorful, protein-packed products like cheddar parmesan and zesty teriyaki beef snack sticks, fresh mozzarella ball snack packs, and aged cheddar cracker cuts.



Info to Go
With a smartphone or tablet in hand, we are searching, planning, sharing and purchasing more of our food online, including cheese. Call on mobile apps like Wisconsin Cheese Cupid to discover the right cheese to pair with your favorite beer, wine or cocktail. Or, try out the new Google app for detailed information on hundreds of varieties of cheeses.

Squeaky fresh Wisconsin cheese curds

Squeaky Curds
Eat curds! It doesn’t get any fresher than that. Sales of cheese curds continue to grow as we look for more ways to enjoy squeaky fresh cheese at home and at restaurants. Try them fresh and squeaky or incorporated into recipes for burgers, tacos, salads and more.

Butternut Squash Beer Mac and Cheese | Wisconsin Cheese

Gourmet Shreds
Shredded cheese is a long-time favorite for cooking ease, but new products are going beyond basic convenience. Look for shredded cheese blends developed for specific applications such as homemade flatbreads and macaroni and cheese for restaurant-quality results at home. Other new shred products include flavorful additions such as rosemary and roasted garlic to easily build flavor into homemade meals.

What are your 2016 Cheese Goals? Share them in the comments below, or tweet us @WisconsinCheese using #cheesegoals.