14 Reasons We Love Wisconsin Cheese


More than 175 years ago, cupid’s arrow first struck and ignited our love for Wisconsin’s greatest culinary delight—cheese! There are many reasons why Wisconsin is honored with the title of America’s Dairyland, and in our humble opinion, cheese is the most delicious one. You might even say we think Wisconsin Cheese is pretty grate.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are 14 reasons why we love Wisconsin Cheese:

14 Reasons To Love Wisconsin Cheese | Wisconsin Cheese Talk

  1. It’s the basis for two of the all-time best comfort foods—grilled cheese, and macaroni n’ cheese. Plus, without Wisconsin Cheese, we wouldn’t have cheesecake, cheese curds (see #4 and #5 below), fondue, nachos, pizza, quesadillas and more! Can you even imagine?
  1. In Wisconsin, you’ll never have to pick a favorite cheese. With more than 600 varieties, types and styles, there’s a cheese to satisfy whatever mood you’re in.
  1. You can find Wisconsin Cheese virtually anywhere—and it’s easy to spot! Whether you’re on the hunt for a classic cheddar or an artisan wedge, look for the ubiquitous “Wisconsin Cheese” logo found on every package.


  1. Two words: cheese curds. This fresh, squeaky treat takes our love of Wisconsin Cheese to noisy new heights.
  1. Three words: fried cheese curds. (See #4 above, dip in a traditional beer batter, and fry to golden perfection).
  1. It’s proven to be the best! Wisconsin wins more awards for its cheese than any other state OR country.
  1. Wisconsin is the only state to offer a Master Cheesemaker® program. It’s an advanced training program that allows our state’s cheesemakers to enhance their craft and aligns with the rigorous standards of similar programs in Europe.


  1. Cows looooove Wisconsin! They prefer temperatures below 50 degrees, making the state of Wisconsin a happier bovine home.
  1. They craft A LOT of it. Wisconsin makes more than a quarter of all cheese in the United States.
  1. Wisconsin Cheese pairs deliciously with all kinds of food—from the familiar to the very unusual. Have you tried Wisconsin blue with pineapple? Munched on Wisconsin parmesan and dark chocolate? Or dunked Wisconsin cheddar in hot chocolate? Give it a try.

14 Reasons to Love Wisconsin Cheese | Wisconsin Cheese Talk

  1. Because let’s be honest, a cold beer tastes even better with Wisconsin Cheese.
  1. Not only can you eat it, but you can also carve it. De-ice with it. Beautify with it. Wear it. Oh, the cheesy possibilities!
  1. Back in 1921, Wisconsin was the first state to grade its cheese for quality, which means rest assured, you’ll always be eating the best stuff.


  1. If you’re not convinced of our love for Wisconsin’s most famous delicacy yet, let the numbers do the talking. That’s 175 years of cheesemaking history, 10,000 dairy farms, 1.27 million cows, and 2.8 billion pounds of cheese.

Enough said, Wisconsin Cheese rules.