3 Easy Steps for the Perfect Spring Cheese Board


by Wisconsin cheese


It’s here! Springtime brings a warmth that brightens every room. It’s reason enough to invite friends over, open the windows, breathe in the fresh air and make a toast over a bright Wisconsin cheese board. A spring cheese board calls for simplicity and fresh offerings. A complementary bottle of a light, sweet wine completes the spread.

Follow these three simple steps to creating your own spring-themed setting and then get to celebrating.

Step 1 – Choose Your Cheese

Select a trio of Wisconsin cheese varieties to build your board around, providing a range of flavors and textures: one creamy, one granular and one bold. Here’s what we chose for our board:


Creamy with a slightly piquant and earthy flavor, Wisconsin gorgonzola works wonderfully with the sweeter notes of fruit and honey.


A hard, granular cheese when aged, Wisconsin asiago has a nutty, buttery taste that pairs excellently with nuts, pears, figs and grapes.


Gouda itself is mild and buttery. With the addition of foenegreek, it’s flavor is reminiscent of maple syrup – sweet and caramely– ideal alongside water crackers and slices of apple or pear.

Step 2 – Choose Your Accompaniments

Pair these cheeses with a variety of fresh fruits, nuts, raw honey and maybe even some just-picked spring peas for a unique seasonal addition. Include two types of crackers or bread if you want to multiply pairing options.


Step 3 – Add Your Drink for the Toast

Chill a bottle of white wine – riesling or sauvignon blanc – or sweet wine – rosé or moscato – to complement the pairings. For something different and delicious, mix up a pitcher of sweet Peach Sangria.

Find more perfect pairings at CheeseCupid.com or EatWisconsinCheese.com.