No Fooling – Your Grilled Cheese Sandwich Could Win You $15,000


Plus! Tips for creating the best grilled cheese recipe below!

by Wisconsin cheese


Every year on the 1st of April, we become skeptical about any claim – especially those seemingly too good to be true. But today, we are not fooling. You really could win $15,000 by submitting your best original grilled cheese recipe to the 2016 Grilled Cheese Recipe Showdown! Because today is much more than April Fool’s Day – it is the start of National Grilled Cheese Month and the first day of our annual recipe showdown, hosted by the Grilled Cheese Academy.

In fact, this is the fifth year of the Grilled Cheese Recipe Showdown. At, all of the past winners are featured alongside 120+ delicious grilled cheese recipes ready to inspire you.


Obviously, we take grilled cheese sandwiches seriously. Creating a delicious grilled cheese is something anyone can accomplish, but mastering the technique takes dedication. That’s why we’re sharing five tips to help perfect your grilled cheeses. Continue reading for some of our best tips and visit to enter the 2016 Grilled Cheese Recipe Showdown.


1.) Don’t let the bread be an afterthought

The texture and taste of the bread can make a big difference in the overall flavor. Think of the bread as a blank canvas – use high-quality slices to amplify the ingredients between and complement with texture and taste.


2.) Consider a cheese-melting strategy for optimal texture

From gooey to stringy, cheese melting depends on the cheese’s age, type and preparation. To help navigate the complex world of cheese melting and achieve optimal texture, use this guide to help determine which cheeses may suit your sandwich best.


3.) If you think there’s too much cheese, you’re on the right track

Don’t be shy when piling on the cheese. We’re biased, but it’s true that a healthy dose of cheese will result in an irresistible layer of melted, gooey goodness. And if there happens to be a little more cheese than needed … we don’t think anyone will complain. Just be sure to layer the cheese on both the top and bottom slices of the bread to keep the melting within the sandwich, rather than between ingredients where it can ooze out.


4.) There’s a wide world of flavors worth exploring; don’t be afraid to get creative!

The only way to know if a flavor combination works is to try it! Take inspiration from some of your favorite dishes with bold or unique flavors and adapt the flavors into a sandwich. You never know what may become your next favorite combination. Last year’s winners based their recipe off of a chicken wing platter from a favorite local watering hole, using shredded carrots, celery, mustard, spicy sauce and lots of blue cheese. Check out The Sports Bar recipe here.


5.) BONUS: Let the recipe tell a story

Feeling stuck? Draw recipe inspiration from your favorite food growing up, or from a special dinner that you’ll never forget, or maybe from your great aunt’s legendary family recipe. There are many ways to think outside the box when creating a new grilled cheese recipe, and using stories and experiences from your life can be a great way to get your creative juices flowing.


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