How To Pair Kombucha With Cheese

Kombucha and Cheese Pairings

Are you a kombucha fan? If you haven’t tried this unique beverage that’s making its way to grocery stores across the country, allow us to introduce you. Kombucha is a sweet/tart fermented tea that originated in Asia and dates back centuries.

Some drink it for its probiotic properties and other possible health benefits while others simply enjoy the flavor. We’ve found kombucha to be an excellent pairing for cheese, whether on its own or mixed into a refreshing cocktail.

Here are four kombucha and cheese pairings you need to try:

Citrus Kombucha and Martone Cheese

Martone + Citrus Kombucha
The bright flavors of citrus kombucha complement the piquant creaminess of this mixed milk soft-ripened cheese with a vegetable ash coating.

Raspberry Kombucha and Cheddar

Cheddar + Raspberry Kombucha
Tangy Wisconsin cheddar plays nicely with summery sweet raspberry kombucha. Try it in a Faerie Dust cocktail. Get the recipe from NesAlla Kombucha, Wisconsin’s own craft brew.

Ginger Kombucha and Gouda

Gouda + Ginger Kombucha
Wisconsin gouda, with its nutty caramel notes, is the perfect match for the subtle spice of ginger kombucha. Want to take it a step further? Use ginger kombucha instead of ginger beer in your next Moscow Mule cocktail (with vodka and lime). Also a great pair with gouda.

Guava Kombucha and Habanero Jack

Habanero Jack + Guava Kombucha
Heat things up with the bold spice of Wisconsin habanero jack cheese and cool them right down again with the tropical sweetness of guava kombucha.

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