Summer Drink Pairings

Peach Sangria and Wisconsin Gouda Cheese | Summer Drink + Wisconsin Cheese Pairings

Summer is all about relaxation. Whether you’re hanging out in the pool, at the beach, on a boat or hammock or up north at the cabin, there’s no wrong way to unwind on lazy summer days. But total relaxation isn’t complete without an iced-cold drink in one hand and Wisconsin cheese in the other. The combination of a cool cocktail and satisfying chunk of award-winning Wisconsin cheese is especially refreshing when summer temperatures start heating up.

The best drinks paired with Wisconsin’s best cheeses? Let’s do this, summer! Kick back and relax with four of our favorite combos:

Peach Sangria and Wisconsin Gouda Cheese | Summer Drink + Wisconsin Cheese Pairings

Peach Sangria and Gouda

When you need to beat the heat, there’s only one solution: Peach Sangria and Wisconsin gouda cheese. The light, fruity notes of white sangria balance the buttery, almost caramel-like flavor of gouda. Plus, this sangria is easy to whip up last-minute with Moscato wine, brandy, peach nectar and a splash of ginger beer.

 Berry Smash and Wisconsin Gorgonzola Cheese | Summer Drink + Wisconsin Cheese Pairings

Berry Smash Cocktail and Gorgonzola

This bubbly Berry Smash Cocktail was made for summer with blackberries, bourbon, cherry juice and seltzer. Add a side order of tangy, creamy Wisconsin gorgonzola and together this cheese and beverage duo is the perfect pool party appetizer or hammock snack.

Moscow Mule and Wisconsin Cheddar Blue Cheese | Summer Drink + Wisconsin Cheese Pairings

Moscow Mule and Cheddar Blue

The Moscow Mule and Wisconsin cheddar blue cheese serve up some serious summer love. The fresh, citrusy flavors of the classic Moscow Mule—made with ginger beer, lime juice and vodka—complement the unique hybrid of rich, nutty cheddar and tangy blue cheeses.

Beet Lemonade and Wisconsin Burrata Cheese | Summer Drink + Wisconsin Cheese Pairings

Beet Lemonade and Burrata

For a kid-friendly pairing, try Beet Lemonade with soft Wisconsin burrata cheese. Burrata’s sweet, milky flavor is extra delicious washed down with slightly earthy beet lemonade. Serve this combo al fresco with whole grain crackers and fruit (like peaches or watermelon) for a relaxing afternoon or pre-dinner snack.

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