What’s in Season: August



We’re rounding the corner into August—the home stretch of summer. But don’t moan over summer’s quick passing just yet! Farmer’s markets, grocery stores and backyard gardens are still brimming with fresh, colorful produce that’s begging to be eaten.

Just like we did for the months of June and July , we’ve gathered a list of fruits and vegetables that are in season right now, and paired them with summery recipes made with a variety of Wisconsin cheeses.

Whether you’re entertaining family and friends, or looking for tasty weeknight meals, make the most of August’s bounty with these seasonal recipes:


CARROTS: Fire up the grill for Carrot Agrodolce Sausage Pizza. This fancy-feeling pie is the perfect way to end a long summer day. The mix of carrots, sausage and mint offers a new twist on the usual toppings, while Wisconsin mozzarella and provolone finish it off with a generous layer of cheese.

CAULIFLOWER: This jam-packed Creamy Roasted Cauliflower Salad is ready for any potluck, picnic or summer get-together. It has roasted cauliflower, salami, artichokes, red onion and a sour cream Italian dressing. But the real star is Wisconsin ricotta salata—a dry, semi-hard cheese that’s milky and slightly salty in flavor.

CHARD: Making taquitos from scratch may sound daunting, but they’re worth the extra effort. These Baked Veggie Taquitos are a step up from the frozen variety with a good-for-you filling of squash, black beans and Swiss chard. Shredded Wisconsin monterey jack is added to ensure there’s melted cheese oozing from every bite.

CUCUMBERS: If you’re celebrating with an end-of-summer bash this month, be sure to add Cucumber Infused Vodka to your drink menu. This cool, refreshing spirit pairs perfectly with a hunk of salty, tangy Wisconsin feta cheese. It’s easy summer entertaining at its finest.

EGGPLANT: Eggplant parmesan is one meal we crave all year round, and this Eggplant “Parmigiana” Style always satisfies. Grilled eggplant slices are stacked with tomato sauce, basil and two Wisconsin cheeses—fresh mozzarella and asiago—then baked until hot and bubbly.

MELON: Cantaloupe and prosciutto are a classic pairing, but Honeyed Cantaloupe with Prosciutto and Blue Cheese takes it up a notch with the addition of blue cheese crumbles. This summery appetizer hits all the right notes—honey and cantaloupe are sweet, fried prosciutto is salty, and Wisconsin blue is savory and earthy.

PEPPERS: If you like your food as hot as the sweaty August temperatures, then Sweet and Spicy Pickled Jalapeños with Wisconsin Cheese Curds is for you. These homemade pickled jalapeños are paired with fresh Wisconsin cheese curds for a spicy-squeaky combo that’s convenient for snacking and sharing.

PLUMS: This Grilled Plum and Bread Salad with Fresh Mozzarella is a gorgeous ode to summer. Grilled plums are juicy and slightly caramelized, and a sweet contrast to the cool, milky flavor of Wisconsin fresh mozzarella. It’s perfectly portioned for two, so cozy up to your partner and enjoy a lazy summer dinner together.

RADISHES: We’re all about simple snacking, and Watermelon Radishes with Cheese Spreads is a seasonal favorite. Despite their name, watermelon radishes don’t taste like watermelon. This pink-hued root vegetable is slightly peppery with a firm crunch, which makes it the ideal vessel for dunking into pungent Wisconsin aged brick spread.