Rosé and Cheese Pairings



Everyone agrees—rosé is summer’s trendiest beverage! This pink-hued wine is fun and irresistibly drinkable during the warm summer months.

Whether you’re entertaining guests or looking to unwind after a hot and humid August day; the combination of Wisconsin cheese and a glass of chilled rosé cannot be beat. A wedge of rich, creamy cheese is the perfect accompaniment to the refreshing taste of rosé wine.

A good rosé is light and crisp with a mix of fruity and acidic flavors that keep it from tasting too sweet. When choosing a bottle, there’s no need to fuss over specific brands or years. Rosé is endlessly versatile, so look for a quality, reasonably priced bottle that’s on the dry (less sweet) side. It’ll pair deliciously with a variety of Wisconsin cheeses and assorted nibbles for any occasion, including snacktime, happy hour and summer get-togethers.


Here are a handful of our favorite rosé and cheese pairings with Wisconsin Cheese:

Monterey Jack:
For an easy, approachable pairing, start things off with Wisconsin Monterey Jack. This popular semi-soft cheese is creamy in texture, tart in flavor and tastes even better washed down with a glass of rosé. Find Wisconsin Monterey Jack

Gouda: Up next, gouda! Rosé wine pairs well with a variety of flavors, so don’t be afraid to experiment with aged, smoked and/or flavored gouda, like herb. They’re a nice break from regular gouda but still boast those buttery, caramel-like notes we love so much. Find Wisconsin Gouda

Chipotle cheddar: If you prefer your rosé wine on the sweeter side, balance it out with a block of spicy Wisconsin chipotle cheddar cheese. A glass of sweet rosé helps tame the heat of the fiery chipotle pepper-laced cheddar. Find Wisconsin Chipotle Cheddar

Pleasant Ridge Reserve (or other alpine-style cheese): A bottle of fruity rosé matches up nicely with the nutty, grassy flavor of award-winning Wisconsin Pleasant Ridge Reserve cheese. It’s a smooth and sophisticated pairing that brings out the zippy acidity of the wine. Find Pleasant Ridge Reserve and other Wisconsin alpine-style cheese

Brie: There’s nothing better than a soft, creamy round of Wisconsin brie cheese washed down with a chilled glass of rosé. This combination is great on its own, or served with fresh bread, crackers and fruit for a snack or light dinner. Find Wisconsin Brie

Gorgonzola: For a kick of sharpness, enjoy a mild Wisconsin gorgonzola alongside your favorite rosé. The mash-up of earthy gorgonzola and rosé is balanced and big on flavor. The key is to avoid an overly-strong gorgonzola, which will drown out the delicateness of the wine. Find Wisconsin Gorgonzola


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