Easy Back-to-School Lunchbox Cheese Pairings

Easy Lunchbox Cheese Pairings

Now that summer is unofficially over, school is back in session and busy weekday schedules are in full swing. Healthy snacks and lunches are important for keeping kids (and parents) happy and feeling good throughout the day.

Luckily, cheese is a natural source of protein and versatile enough for many lunchbox pairings and snack ideas. An average serving of cheese contains 10 grams of protein. It’s also among the richest dietary sources of calcium. One serving of cheese provides about 20 percent of your kids’ daily calcium needs. And made from just four basic ingredients – milk, salt, starter culture and rennet – cheese is all natural.

These five easy pairings with Wisconsin cheese incorporate fruits and veggies, making them perfect for tucking into lunch boxes or serving as an after-school snack.

1. Gouda + Dried Pineapple
Serve wedges of mild, nutty Wisconsin gouda with pieces off sweet dried pineapple for a sweet and salty snack.

2. Mozza Wrapped Baby Carrots
Wisconsin mozzarella whips are always fun to eat. Wrap them around baby carrots for a snack that’s playful and healthy.

3. Colby Jack + Ham Bites
Wrap strips of deli ham around slices of Wisconsin colby jack and serve with a hearty cracker and a pickle (dill or sweet – your choice!).

4. Provolone Veggie Wraps
Spread a layer of hummus (we like roasted red pepper) onto a spinach tortilla. Top with baby kale or spinach, slices of Wisconsin provolone and shredded carrots. Wrap tightly and slice into bite-sized rounds.

5. Strawberry + Monterey Jack Pick
Cut Wisconsin monterey jack into small triangles. Cut a vertical slit in a strawberry from the bottom, leaving the top intact. Stuff strawberry with cheese triangle and secure with a toothpick.

Find more easy pairings for kids and adults at EatWisconsinCheese.com.