Juustoleipa: The Amazing Baked Cheese You Need to Try

Juustoleipa Bread Cheese

Juustoleipa Bread Cheese

Have you heard of juustoleipa? Pronounced “hoo-stah-lee-pah,” this unique cheese is baked during the cheesemaking process creating a crust similar to bread. Also known as bread cheese, it’s squeaky, buttery and best served warm. Due to the baking process, the cheese will not fully melt when warmed, so it can be heated directly in a pan or even the grill before serving.

Fun Fact
Dating back 200 years in northern Finland and Sweden, juustoleipa was originally made with reindeer milk.

How to Serve
Heat a skillet or grill to medium. Warm the cheese on both sides until crisped on the outside and slightly gooey on the inside. Cheese may be sliced into bite-sized pieces before heating in a skillet. On the grill, heat the cheese whole and slice before serving.

Pair It
The salty, buttery flavors of Wisconsin juustoleipa pair well with honey, maple syrup or your favorite jam. Add a dose of heat with a sprinkle of red chile flakes. It was also traditionally served with coffee.

Cook With It
Juustoleipa also makes a great addition to many of your favorite recipes. Try it in a taco with chorizo and poblano peppers, in a grilled vegetable antipasto salad with honey balsamic vinaigrette, or on grilled kabobs with tomatoes and basil.

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