Three Cheesy Caramel Apple Recipes


We wait all year long for the annual fall trip to the apple orchard. It’s the best time of the year to enjoy the crisp, cool air and our favorite treat—caramel apples. Lucky for us, the combination of sticky caramel and tart apples isn’t confined to a stick. It tastes even better incorporated into festive fall recipes made with Wisconsin Cheese.

So, what are you waiting for? Head out to your local orchard (Wisconsinites, find yours here), pick a bushel of apples, and celebrate the season with these cheesy caramel apple recipes:


Caramel Apple Baked Brie

This simple-as-it-gets appetizer screams fall. Creamy, earthy Wisconsin brie cheese is baked with sour green apples and rich caramel, then topped with candied pecans. It’s hard to beat the sweet and savory combo. Served with cinnamon graham crackers, it’d make a great seasonal starter for an adults-only Halloween or fall dinner party.


Buttery Caramel Apple Pizza

Dinner or dessert? We’ll let you decide. This kid-friendly caramel apple pizza is parading around as dessert, and we’re not even mad about it. It boasts a sugar cookie crust and “pizza sauce” of soft Wisconsin cream cheese, brown sugar and almond extract. Apple slices, homemade caramel and a generous handful of salty cashews top it off.


Heirloom Apple Pie with Savory Crust and Cheese Streusel

No fall is complete without a cozy afternoon of pie making. This from-scratch apple pie is worth the extra effort, as it combines three of fall’s best: caramel, apples and Wisconsin aged cheddar cheese. The rich, intense flavor of Wisconsin aged cheddar adds a savory kick to the streusel, while the caramel apple filling is the perfect amount of sweet.