Seven Mac and Cheese Recipes to Make This Fall

With the fall season comes a return to comfort food classics. Mac and cheese is the ultimate crowd pleaser and always in the rotation. Here are seven recipes to make this fall, whatever the occasion. Hosting game night? Need a dish for the neighborhood potluck or your annual Friendsgiving dinner? We’ve got you covered.

Jalapeno Popper Mac and Cheese

Watching The Game: Jalapeño Popper Mac and Cheese
No matter what team you’re rooting for, everyone’s a winner when you combine Wisconsin cream cheese, cheddar and colby jack with pasta, jalapeño peppers and plenty of bacon.

Chicken Marsala Mac and Cheese

Book Club: Chicken Marsala Mac and Cheese
No mystery, suspense or drama here. This fontina and cheddar mac and cheese topped with savory chicken marsala will be an instant classic.

BBQ Chicken Mac and Cheese

Neighborhood Potluck: BBQ Chicken Mac and Cheese
How do you become the most popular cook on the block? With BBQ Chicken Mac and Cheese, of course. Everything else is a distant second.

Chili Cheese Mac with Beer Bread

Game Night: Chili Cheese and Beer Bread Mac and Cheese
Kick off a rousing evening of trivia, board games and cards with a batch of this spicy, cheesy chili mac topped with a layer of slightly sweet beer bread.

Taco Mac and Cheese Bake

Halloween Dinner: Taco Macaroni and Cheese Bake
Even trick or treaters can’t live on candy alone. Serve this hearty, family friendly mac and cheese with taco meat and fresh veggies before heading out for the evening.

Easy Peasy Mac and Cheesy

Weeknight Dinner With The Kids: Easy Peasy Mac and Cheesy
The name says it all. This kid-friendly recipe comes together in minutes. With baby peas and ham, it’s a complete meal that will keep everyone satisfied.

Squash Mac and Cheese

Friendsgiving: Squash and Gingersnap Mac and Cheese
Add a seasonal and sophisticated twist to traditional mac and cheese with butternut squash, gouda and parmesan, and a crunchy gingersnap topping. Your friends will thank you.

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