All Things Wisconsin: Cheese Logs and Brandy Slush

Swiss Almond Cheese Log and Brandy Slush

It’s no secret that we Wisconsinites love our cheese – especially during the holiday season. For many, the holiday isn’t complete without a cheese log and a brandy slush.

Like a cousin to the more widely known cheese ball, cheese logs are a Midwest staple. This Swiss Almond Cheese Log recipe combines three Wisconsin cheeses – white cheddar, swiss cheese and cream cheese – with Worcestershire sauce and sliced almonds for the perfect creamy appetizer with a kick.

Get the recipe: Swiss Almond Cheese Log

Pair it with another Wisconsin favorite – a Brandy Slush. The frozen base of this sweet, fruity cocktail is best prepped at least one day in advance. Simply combine orange juice and lemonade concentrates, brandy and green tea and pop it in the freezer. When you’re ready to serve your cocktails, fill each glass with a couple scoops of the frozen mix and top it with your fizzy beverage of choice. Lemon lime soda is the classic choice, and seltzer is another great option. In this recipe, we’ve given it a special holiday twist with prosecco. Whatever you choose, it makes a great pairing for a homemade cheese log or Wisconsin cheese plate.

Get the recipe: Brandy Slush

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