Game Day Buffalo Chicken Meatballs


We’re only two days away from football’s biggest game of the year. And if you haven’t started planning your Super Bowl menu yet, there’s no need to panic—we’ve got you covered.


Today, we’re whipping up a game day crowd-pleaser: Buffalo Chicken Meatballs. Juicy and tender, these spicy meatballs are laced with Wisconsin parmesan, breadcrumbs, garlic and a bevy of dried spices—basil, dill, garlic, onion and parsley.

The best part? They’re Wisconsin cheese-stuffed! A cube of Wisconsin feta is baked inside each and every meatball. The tangy, fresh flavor of feta balances the heat of the buffalo sauce while its melty, creamy texture offers a delicious center surprise.


Served with toothpicks, these chicken meatballs are less of a mess than standard buffalo wings, but still boast that fiery heat and meaty flavor. The recipe is easy to make and easy to double (or triple!), if needed. Plus, the meatballs are great on their own, or served alongside blue cheese dressing and cut-up vegetables for more snacking.

Whether you’re hosting fans at your house or bringing a dish to a friend’s place, add these Buffalo Chicken Meatballs to your menu just in time for everyone’s favorite Sunday of the year.


Find the recipe here.