Wisconsin Cheese & The Grilled Cheese Academy Present The 2017 Grilled Cheese Recipe Showdown!



Warm up your skillet because your chance at grilled cheese glory is here! The 6th annual Grilled Cheese Recipe Showdown begins today. You’ll have a shot at a grand prize of $15,000 when you create and submit an original grilled cheese recipe using Wisconsin cheese. Just snap a photo of your finished sandwich and upload it with the recipe and description at GrilledCheeseAcademy.com to enter.

Submit your recipe (or as many original recipes as you can muenster) by May 14 for your chance at grilled cheese glory, bragging rights and the following cash prizes:

  • GOLD AWARD: $15,000 Cash Grand Prize
  • SILVER AWARD: $5,000 Cash Prize
  • BRONZE AWARD: $3,000 Cash Prize
  • 3 JUDGES’ CHOICE AWARDS: $1,500 Cash Prize Each

Before you rush to the kitchen, we have some tips and tricks to help you create your most delicious grilled cheese yet. Read on for the Grilled Cheese Academy’s ABC’s.


Amp Up the Cheese

Perhaps the most important tip of all: don’t skimp on the cheese. To really get the gooey, oozing effect, you’ll want to add the amount you think will work best and then add a little bit more. Trust us on this one.


Butter it Up

Buttering the outside of the bread will help to add that perfect amount of browning and crunch, while also keeping your bread soft and flavorful inside.


Cover Your Creation

Avoid the overcooking of one side by covering your sandwich as it cooks. This encourages an even melting of the cheese and warms the ingredients throughout the sandwich.


Day Old Bread

Bread choice matters. Select your choice of bread with an age of somewhere between one and three days old in order to get something hearty enough to support the cheese and other tasty ingredients.




When creating a new recipe, experimentation is a necessary part of the process! Consider different ways to enhance flavors, textures, colors and smells – all things that can make a culinary experience wonderful. Taste test with friends to find the best recipes and get friendly feedback.


Flip with Finesse

If you’re keeping your grilled cheese covered while cooking, you’ll only need one good flip to get everything melted and gooey. Watch for the right level of browning – golden, but not too dark – and it’s time to flip!