How to Make a Stars and Stripes Cheese Board

Stars and Stripes Cheese Board

American flag-themed treats are classic Independence Day fare, but this cheese board is anything but ordinary with four varieties of delicious Wisconsin cheese – feta, white cheddar, fresh mozzarella and squeaky cheese curds.

Start by cutting fresh watermelon into star shapes with a mini cookie cutter. Wash fresh blueberries and strawberries, and remove the tops of the strawberries. Next, cut plenty of Wisconsin white cheddar and Wisconsin feta into 1-inch cubes. The fresh mozzarella and cheese curds are already bite-sized, so no need to do any more prep work there!

Watch our step-by-step video to learn how to make your own Stars & Stripes Cheese Board and get the full directions below.

To assemble, thread fruit and cheese onto wooden skewers. You’ll need about 15 10-inch skewers.

7 skewers: Begin with watermelon star and rotate between cheese and strawberries, ending with another watermelon star. You should end up with 4 rows of cheese and 3 strawberries.

4 skewers: Begin with a watermelon star and add 3 pieces of cheese and 2 strawberries, rotating to match longer skewers, topping with 7 blueberries.

7 skewers: Trim to be about 3 inches long. Thread about 7 blueberries onto each skewer.

Arrange on a platter to create a flag effect, with the red and white skewers to the right, and the longer blueberry-topped skewers on the left. Fill in the gaps between the blueberries at the top with the mini blueberry skewers. You may need to adjust the amount of cheese, fruit and skewers to fit your platter.

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