How to Grill the Perfect Cheeseburger

How to grill the perfect cheeseburger

With a cheesemaking history that spans more than 175 years and countless awards, it’s not surprise that Wisconsin is home to some pretty fantastic cheeseburgers. Whether it’s stuffed with cheese, topped with fresh butter or served over a creamy cheese spread, a burger made with Wisconsin cheese is simply the best. Want to ensure a perfect cheeseburger at your next grill out? Follow our expert tips for cheesy perfection.

But first, a little history…

Did you know Wisconsin is the birthplace of the hamburger? It’s true, although the title is somewhat unofficial. The town of Seymour, Wisconsin, has laid its claim as the “Home of the Hamburger.” The story goes that 15-year-old Charlie Nagreen invented what would become the modern burger in 1885 at the Outagamie County Fair when the meatballs he was serving proved too messy for fair goers to eat. In a stroke of genius, he pressed one between two slices of bread, and the “hamburger” was born. Other U.S. towns have made their own claims as the birthplace of the burger, but Seymour is nonetheless home to the Hamburger Hall of Fame, an annual burger fest, and the World’s Largest Hamburger Parade.

Feeling inspired to grill your own masterpiece? Let’s get grilling!

how to grill the perfect cheeseburger

How to Grill The Perfect Cheeseburger

The Meat
You’ve heard it before – fat is flavor! It’s also the key to a juicy burger. Choose a ground beef that is no more than 85 percent lean.

Perfect the Divot

Once you’ve formed your patty, press a small divot into the center. This will ensure even grilling and a perfectly flat finished burger.

Fire it Up

This is not the time for low and slow. Burgers like fast cooking over high heat.

how to grill the perfect cheeseburger

Butter Burgers

A true creation of America’s Dairyland, butter-topped burgers are a delicacy found throughout Wisconsin. To make your own, simply top your burger with a pat of butter while it’s still on the grill (before you add your cheese).

More Cheese = Better Burger

A cheeseburger that skimps on the cheese? Now that’s just sad. Budget 2 ounces of cheese per burger and you’ll be hailed as a burger maestro in no time.

Give it a Rest

Resist the urge to dive right into your burger once you pull it off the grill. We know it’s hard, but it’s so worth it. Letting the meat rest will preserve its juiciness.

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