Farmers’ Market Cheese Board Pairings

farmers market cheese board

farmers market cheese board

On Saturday mornings throughout the summer and beyond, you’ll find us at the farmers’ market. With so many wonderful seasonal ingredients to choose from, it provides endless inspiration and pairings for a beautiful cheese board.

Did you know Wisconsin is home to the largest producer-only market in the country? At the Dane County Farmers’ Market on the capitol square in Madison, you can you shop for the freshest fruits and vegetables, and many local cheesemakers sell their creations at there as well. We recommend starting with a bag of fresh, squeaky Wisconsin cheese curds and taste your way around the square with these fresh, seasonal pairings.

Check out the step-by-step video and follow these tips for building your own farmers’ market-inspired cheese board:

Start with Wisconsin Cheese

Choose a selection of flavorful Wisconsin cheeses with a variety of textures and flavor projects.

Pleasant Ridge Reserve

Made not far from the famous Dane County Farmers’ Market on Madison’s capitol square by cheesemaker Andy Hatch at Uplands Cheese, this is the only cheese to have ever won the American Cheese Society’s Best in Show award three times. (Also, it’s delicious)

Dunbarton Blue

Made by Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker Chris Roelli, this striking cheddar-blue cheese is named for the rocks surrounding the cave where its aged at Roelli Cheese Haus in Shullsburg, Wisconsin.

Pesto Basil Gouda

Crafted by Marieke Penterman using recipes from her native Holland, this gouda is made with the freshest milk from her family’s dairy farm in Thorp, Wisconsin, and flavored with basil, pepper, garlic, oregano and paprika.

This petite soft-ripened cheese from cheesemaker Katie Furhmann at LaClare Farms in Malone, Wisconsin, is made with a combination of cow and goat’s milk and a vegetable ash coating. It’s creamy, tangy and all together delightful.

Fresh Wisconsin Cheese Curds 

It wouldn’t be a trip to the farmers’ market in Wisconsin without a bag of freshly made squeaky cheese curds (preferably one to snack on at the market, and at least one more to take home). If you visit the Dane County Farmers’ Market, look for cheese curds from Brunkow Cheese, Chula Vista Cheese, Farmer John’s Cheese and Hook’s Cheese.

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