The Ultimate Wisconsin Cheese Tailgate

Ultimate Wisconsin Tailgate Cheese Board

It’s officially Fall and that means football season is back! Whether you are tailgating at the game, going to a football viewing party, or hosting a game day gathering of your own — Wisconsin cheese is sure to win over any crowd of football fans.

To build the Ultimate Wisconsin Cheese Tailgate Board start with a selection of Wisconsin cheeses that are big on visual contrast and bold in flavor. Choose anywhere from three to five different cheeses, two or three different types of crackers, and three or four accompaniments including charcuterie and pickled vegetables.

Ultimate Wisconsin Tailgate Cheese Board

Wisconsin Cheese: The Starting Lineup

  1. Sartori Black Pepper BellaVitano
    The reigning Grand Champion at the 2017 U.S. Cheese Championship Contest, Black Pepper BellaVitano has a rich, creamy texture, notes of fruitiness and a sweet and tangy finish. The rind is coated in cracked black peppercorns for just the right amount of spice.
  1. Hook’s 10-Year Cheddar
    Tony and Julie Hook have been making cheese together in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, since 1976. Their aged cheddars take home countless awards. With a full, rich flavor and smooth finish, the 10-year cheddar is a fan favorite.
  1. Marieke Bacon Gouda
    A native of the Netherlands, Marieke Penterman uses farmstead-fresh, raw cow’s milk from her family farm in Thorpe, Wisconsin, to handcraft her traditional Dutch-style gouda cheeses. This version adds a generous amount of locally cured bacon.
  1. Smoked String Cheese
    Your favorite childhood snack is all grown up with this smoked version that pairs perfectly with meats and pickled vegetables.
  1. Roelli Dunbarton Blue
    Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker Chris Roelli has created a true original in Dunbarton Blue. This cellar-aged cheddar has blue veining and a natural rind.

Add Some All – Stars

Bacon Sriracha Football Cheese Ball

Pickled Green Bean & Brick Bites
Start with deli-sliced salami or capicola and spread with a spoonful of Widmer’s Aged Brick Spread. Add a pickled green bean and wrap it all up for a flavor-packed bite.

Bacon Sriracha Football Cheese Ball
A cheese ball can be a great addition to a cheeseboard or enjoyed as a savory appetizer all on its own. This Bacon Sriracha Football Cheese Ball works either way and is creamy, crunchy and spicy all at once.

To make your own, start by shredding some Roth® Sriracha Gouda. This innovative new cheese merges the mellow and mild flavor of Dutch-style Gouda with a sweet-hot kick from Sriracha chili sauce.

Mix the shredded gouda with butter and cream cheese and shape it into a football. Cover the ball in sweet and salty bacon bits and add slices of mozzarella to mimic the design of football laces.


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