Create Your Own Pizza Cheese Blend

Cheese Prep - Pizza Cheese Blends

Cheese Prep - Pizza Cheese Blends

With so many amazing Wisconsin cheeses to choose from (over 600 varieties, types and styles!) the possibilities for creating your own pizza cheese blend are endless. Our best pro-tip for creating the perfect blend is to pick at least one cheese for meltability (think swiss, mozzarella or havarti) and combine it with one or more full-flavored cheese (like an aged cheddar, blue or feta). To get you started, here are four of our favorite blends to try:

Cheese Prep - Pizza Cheese Blends


  • Start with Wisconsin swiss cheese for maximum meltability
  • Add Wisconsin alpine-style cheese and Wisconsin parmesan for a blend with nutty caramel flavors

Creamy Blue:

  • Use rich and creamy Wisconsin mascarpone cheese as a base
  • Mix in crumbles of Wisconsin blue cheese for a flavorful earthy blend

Cheese Prep - Pizza Cheese Blends


  • Begin with plenty of gooey and meltable Wisconsin mozzarella
  • Add Wisconsin feta to make a blend with a tangy bite

Sweet & Spicy:

  • Creamy Wisconsin Havarti melts perfectly to start
  • Then Wisconsin honey sriracha gouda gives the bend an added sweet heat

Give it a try and let us know which blend is your favorite! For more great ideas for your next homemade pizza night, be sure to check out the latest issue of Grate. Pair. Share.