How to Make Decorative Holiday Cheeseballs

Cheeseballs Ornament Pine Cone Tree Snowman

Cheeseballs Ornament Pine Cone Tree Snowman

The cheeseball is the holiday party staple that never goes out of style. What makes it so popular? It’s easy to make and endlessly adaptable. To make your own, we recommend starting with a base of equal parts Wisconsin cream cheese and Wisconsin cheese. Find three holiday-worthy cheeseball recipes guaranteed to impress your guests in the latest issue of Grate. Pair. Share.

Next, have fun customizing your cheeseball. Here are three fanciful cheeseballs to spread some cheesemas cheer.

Pine Cone
Cover a cone-shaped cheese ball with sliced almonds and place on a bed of fresh rosemary sprigs.

Ornament Ball
Cover a round cheeseball in pistachios and pomegranate seeds and finish with an ornament topper and ribbon.

Pine Tree
Shape a cheeseball into a tree form. Cover it with fresh parsley, sprinkle it with red chili pepper flakes and top it with a whole star anise.

Stack two cheeseballs and cover with grated parmesan. Use pretzel sticks for arms, the end of a carrot for a nose, a radish for a hat and mouth, peppercorns for the eyes and capers for the buttons.

For more holiday recipes, check out the latest issue of Grate. Pair. Share.