The 2018 Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Recipe Showdown is Now Open for Entry



The 7th annual Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Recipe Showdown begins today! For the first time ever, there are multiple categories to enter — meaning MORE cash prizes and MORE ways to win.


With all the new ways to win, we asked the Cheese Twins to help us explain the different categories. Watch the video below to learn more!

The new entry categories include:

Open Class

This category is the original way to win. Simply submit your most creative and best-tasting grilled cheese recipe(s) with a description and photo, no holds barred. The sky is the limit for ingredients and imaginative flavor combinations. Your recipe will be judged on taste, creativity, use of Wisconsin Cheese and overall presentation.

Classic Class

Sometimes simple is better. In this category, recipes may only use six ingredients or fewer to pay homage to the original form of grilled cheese. To enter, share your version of the classic grilled cheese with a description and photo. Recipes will be judged on taste, creativity, use of Wisconsin Cheese and overall presentation.

Junior Class

Are you the next generation of grilled cheese genius? This category has the same guidelines as the Open Class, but it is restricted to grilled cheese chefs under the age of 18.

Fan Flavorites

This is the only category that does not require a recipe. To enter, submit a short video that demonstrates your love of grilled cheese. Creativity is encouraged, and the prompt is open for interpretation! Four winners will be chosen through online voting after the contest entry period closes.


Before you fire up your skillets, download our free entry checklist to make sure you cover all your bases when entering your masterpiece.



Question: Can we enter more than one category?

Answer: Yes! You may enter into as many categories as you qualify for as long as each entry is unique. In other words, you can enter multiple times and multiple categories, but you must enter a unique recipe each time.

Question: Can we enter multiple recipes into one category?

Answer: Yes! We encourage you to enter multiple recipes, as long as they are each unique.

Question: What type of photo should we submit with our entry?

Answer: Photos serve as the first impression of your recipe, so it’s worth your time and effort to capture something mouthwatering! The best sandwich photos have good lighting, include the whole sandwich in the photo and represent the variety of ingredients visually.

Question: Do I need to use a fancy camera to take my photo?

Answer: No! While a good camera can help capture the highest quality image, smartphone cameras will also capture a great photo.

Question: I want to enter, but I’m stuck in a creative rut. Where can I find recipe inspiration?

Answer: The Grilled Cheese Academy has over 150 recipes to inspire your creative cooking! You can filter the recipes to view past winners to see what it takes to be the best of the best.

Question: I want to enter the video category, but I don’t know where to start! The video prompt, “enter a creative video sharing your love of grilled cheese,” doesn’t provide a lot of direction. How do come up with my video idea?

Answer: The video prompt is vague for a reason — to get you to create something outside the box and unique to you! Your video could share a story that involves grilled cheese, highlight your recipe inspiration, show your best tools for cooking or perhaps feature a song about your love for grilled cheese. The options are endless!

Question: How do I know my entry was received?

Answer: You will receive a confirmation email with the subject line: Thank You for Your Entry. Make sure to check your junk mail folder in case it was filtered out of your inbox.

Question: I’ve submitted my entries. Now what?

Answer: Entries will be judged after the contest closes on May 15, 2018. Finalist taste-testing will take place mid-June, and winners will be announced live on the Wisconsin Cheese Facebook page. Follow @WisconsinCheese on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to ensure you are kept up-to-date and to be alerted of additional grilled cheese giveaways happening throughout the contest entry period!