Instant Pot® Spring Veggie & Cheese Risotto

Spring Veggie & Cheese Risotto

Spring Veggie & Cheese Risotto

If there is one tool that has completely changed the game for easy weeknight dinners, it is the Instant Pot®. From pressure cooking meat, to creating an entire meal in less than 30 minutes, this kitchen gadget does it all. So we asked Jennifer and Trevor Debth from Show Me The Yummy to create a spring-inspired dish that could be made entirely in the Instant Pot®.

Jennifer and Trevor immediately thought of a creamy risotto featuring Wisconsin cheese. “Because there are so many different flavors, textures and varieties of Wisconsin cheese to choose from, the possibilities for using them are endless,” Jennifer said.

This take on a traditional risotto features Roth® Grand Cru® Original, Cello® Copper Kettle parmesan and Stella® asiago. From sautéing to pressure cooking, the entire dish is made in the Instant Pot® – and it’s done in half the time it would take to make risotto on a stove top.

Find the recipe on Eat Wisconsin Cheese here. For more springtime recipes, check out the latest issue of Grate. Pair. Share.