Creamy Strawberry Dip

There’s always a reason to gather in the springtime—from wedding showers to graduation parties, celebratory brunches to picnics in the warm sunshine.…

Cheese of the Month: Juustoleipa

Juustoleipa is just plain fun. Whether you’re trying to pronounce it (hoo-stah-lee-pa, for the record) or figure out how the heck to eat it, Wisconsin…
Chiles Rellenos 2-3

Chiles Rellenos

By: Meggan, Culinary Hill Chiles Rellenos stuffed with plenty of Wisconsin cheese are perfect for dinner or any special occasion! Sometime in 2004, I…

Mini Basketball Cheese Balls

The excitement of college basketball tournament season is the perfect excuse to take your cheese snacking game to the next level. Cheer on your favorite…