Cheese Cupid Pairing: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Produced by the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is a prominent classic-style beer. Made with top-fermenting ale yeast and brewed with Magnum, Perle and Cascade hops, this beer is known for its high notes of maltiness and superior hoppiness. It has a deep amber hue, a full-bodied taste and spicy after-notes, which have lead to several national brewing awards. Pair this brew with BelGioioso Small Style Provolone, Castle Rock Organic Farms Raw Milk Cheddar and Roth Käse Van Gogh Smoked Natural Gouda at your “cookout season opener.”pa

Cheese Cupid Pairing: Anchor Porter

The New Year has officially begun. Start off the year on the right note, with this week’s Wisconsin Cheese Cupid pairing, Anchor Porter, by Anchor Brewing Company in San Francisco, California. Pair this beer with strong, bold-flavored cheeses. Try Burnett Dairy Cooperative Alpha's Northwoods’ Aged Cheddar, Chalet Cheese Cooperative Limburger, or Holland’s Family Farm Marieke Italian Herb Gouda.