4 Easy Weeknight Dinners

by Wisconsin cheese Going back to school requires new bed times, homework to finish, after-school activities to juggle, and all-around craziness.…

Summer Recipe Recap

by Wisconsin Cheese Although summer has come to a close, we are following the advice of the great Dr. Seuss, “Don’t cry because it’s over,…
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Three Ways: Spring Salads

by Wisconsin Cheese Spruce up your salads this spring with fresh ingredients that go beyond basic. Starting with a bowl of greens, choose a source of…
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Provolone Spring Salad

by Kylie Turley of With Mother’s Day around the corner, I have been brainstorming delicious recipes to celebrate the special day.…
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Cheese of the Month: Provolone

by Wisconsin Cheese A process called “pasta filata” is used to create Wisconsin provolone, a firm, full-flavored cheese. This process involves stretching…
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Three Ways: Artichokes

by Wisconsin Cheese Peak harvesting period for artichokes, a hearty vegetable served in a wide array of recipes, is just around the corner. In celebration,…

The Mufuletta Melt

by Cindy Kraus, a Grilled Cheese Academy Recipe Contest Finalist This spin on the New Orleans classic is even more flavorful, thanks to two delicious…